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Real Estate Search

Real estate Search

This search identifies your debtors who own real estate.

What you need to know:

  • This search provides important information that you want to consider prior to filing a suit against the debtor.
  • You are only charged for this service when we provide you with real estate information for your debtor.If we don't find anything, you aren't charged for that debtor!
  • Specifics about this search:

  • This information may be submitted in a batch format or an interactive on-line search may be done for an individual debtor.
  • The Real Estate database is updated quarterly.
  • Output includes primary owner, spouse's name (when available), second owner (when available), a site address (the physical location), mailing address (where tax bills are mailed), loan amount (if available), home equity loan amount (if available), date purchased, purchase amount, assessed value, market value, sq. ft. county and state.
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